Our Gypsy Horse PROVEN Breeding Program - Past Foals

Nothing confirms an incredible breeding program more than the actual foals,
year after year, win after win
And the MANY happy buyers - who you will notice RARELY buy just one from us.
And you will notice, continue to win and continue to have FUN with their fellow buyers
as we go off and do cool and interesting things with our horses often as a group.

Want to join us ?

More reasons to buy from us..
You don't just get a horse, you get all the necessary education about how this horse "works",
what it has already been taught from birth ( which is a LOT ),
how to show your horse,
how to "trick train" your horse,
how to ride or drive or whatever your chosen discipline.
And MOST OF ALL......how to read your horse's mind and know what he/she thinks and WHY.
Your happiness and successes are OURS.
You WILL build a lifetime relationship with your horse with our help whenever you want it
and from now on, not just right after purchase.

( Click each photo below to go to the page showing the babies. )

2017 Foals
2016 Foals
2015 Foals

2014 Foals

2013 Foals

2012 Foals 
2011 Foals

2010 Baby Page

2009 Foals

2008 Foals

2007 Foals

2006 Foals

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